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Consulting Resources

We are pleased to offer this list of CIC organizational members that provide services related to community indicator and performance measurement efforts. These members are underwriting CIC's activities through this listing. If you would like your organization to be listed here, please contact ed@communityindicators.net.

Please note that CIC does not endorse any particular individual or firm. If you are seeking assistance on your community indicator effort, it is your responsibility to determine whether any individual or firm is appropriate for your needs. 



Leading Market Technologies, Inc. 
58 Winter Street 
Boston, MA 02108 

Phone: (617) 494-4747 

Email: LMT@LMTECH.com




Access the world's data: dataZoa is a universal translator for data series on the Web. An inspiring wealth of data has accumulated on the Web over the years, but it is shamefully difficult to get at and put to good use, being tucked away in a jumble of tables and charts and spreadsheets and databases. There are more formats and pigeonholes out there than there are languages spoken on Earth. 


United Kingdom
+44 131 524 7250
or toll-free from North America: 1-800-961-8948 (UK Office)

North America
1-800-961-8329 (toll-free)

Sales: sales@geowise.co.uk

Support: support@geowise.co.uk



GeoWise creates innovative software to simplify and enhance the management and presentation of geography and statistics in rich Internet applications (RIAs). The GeoWise team has a unique blend of skills in design, programming, geography and statistics. GeoWise was formed in 1997 and is based in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

Healthy Communities Institute

Contact:  Scott Dahl, MBA 
Director of Business Development 

Sheila Baxter, MPH 
Director of Business Development

Toll Free: 866-499-6423



HealthLandscape is an interactive web-based mapping tool that allows health professionals, policy makers, academic researchers, and planners to combine, analyze and display information in ways that promote better understanding of health and the forces that affect it. The tool brings together various sources of health, socio-economic and environmental information in a convenient, central location to help answer questions about and improve health and healthcare. HealthLandscape can be used to create maps from publicly available data sets including regional criminal justice, education, healthcare, and demographic data, allowing users to discover community characteristics and share information with health professionals, policy makers, and legislators.

Results Leadership Group

Contact: Adam Luecking, CEO 
7960 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 10-C 
Bethesda, MD 20814 




Results Leadership Group (RLG) consultants, trainers, coaches, and facilitators develop the capacity of government and non-profit organizations to produce measurable results for clients and communities. RLG, the Nation’s Leading Results-Based Accountability Resource, provides support to individual organizations, partnerships, and collaborations. The support RLG provides typically is multidimensional - complementary strategies delivered over time to achieve sustained impact. RLG now also offers a software solution, Results Scorecard, to help leaders in the public and nonprofit sectors accelerate the improvement of the quality of life in their communities and the performance of their agencies and programs. Visit us on the web at www.resultsleadership.org.


Phone: 214-254-4696

Email: support@seabrooks.com

Seabrooks, Inc.,
2435 Puu Rd Kalaheo, HI 96741



Seabrooks is a software company dedicated to providing the highest quality products and best customer service possible. E-CImpact and i-CResults are tools that make community impact management and measurement and analysis a breeze. 


212 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144





Velir is a mid-sized digital agency based in Somerville, MA, just outside of Boston. We provide enterprise-level services for web content management (WCM), digital strategy, data visualization, and user experience design. We work with organizations across the country including companies with a global presence.  Our data visualization team can transform any data set into immersive visualizations including interactive tables, charts, graphs, maps, and infographics.  One way we do this is through our proprietary data visualization platform (known as "Datacenter", http://www.velir.com/data-visualization). It provides the backbone for a powerful set of tools that perform data transformations, and allow our developers and designers to craft and visualization virtually any presentation of the data that most effectively tells our clients story. It also helps clients achieve a key business goal of being able to manage and update this data on their own, without external development involvement. 


Sales: Sales [at]ZoomGrants.com

Technical: Questions[at]ZoomGrants.com

Media: Media[at]ZoomGrants.com

(change the [at] to @)

Toll Free: (866) 323-5404




As a triple bottom line company, ZoomGrants™ focuses on saving money and natural resources for clients while increasing their social capacity in the community. Quite simply, ZoomGrants wants the grant process to be better than it has ever been before.  That means using available technology to streamline the grant proposal process, making it more efficient, more cost effective and easier to manage by letting the technology handle the routine, mundane and costly tasks. ZoomGrants™ provides the capacity to manage all of the necessary components online in a way that is intuitive, well organized, highly affordable, and environmentally sound.  ZoomGrants™ measures success by enabling clients to meet their objective of 'doing more with less' in their community as a result of using ZoomGrants™ for their grant proposal administration. 





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