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OneMinneapolis Book

Jane Tigan

Year: 2013


Access via http://www.wilder.org/Wilder-Research/Publications/Studies/Forms/Study/docsethomepage.aspx?ID=390&RootFolder=%2FWilder-Research%2FPublications%2FStudies%2FoneMinneapolis

Associated Project(s): Minnesota Compass


The Minneapolis Foundation commissioned Wilder Research to conduct this annual report on the status of Minneapolis. The report tracks indicators on education and the economy, with a particular focus on racial and ethnic disparities.
The report is related to Wilder Research's Minnesota Compass community indicators project; it is conducted by the same staff who work on Minnesota Compass, and serves a deeper look at Minneapolis than afforded by Minnesota Compass itself, and is tailored to the specific needs of the Minneapolis Foundation.

Journal Citation

Jane Tigan and Wilder Research. 2013. OneMinneapolis. Minneapolis, MN: Minneapolis Foundation.




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