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Equity and Social Justice Annual Report 2013 Report

King County

Year: October 2013

Keywords: King County, Equity, demographics

Access via http://www.kingcounty.gov/exec/WorkInAction/~/media/exec/equity/documents/EquityReport2013.ashx

Associated Project(s): none


The future demographics of King County point to the need to understand the complexities of its population and its differences. While doing that, King County also must
find common ground, values and agendas for the region.
King County’s “fair and just” ordinance, the basis for
the County’s work on Equity and Social Justice, offers
a way forward and an approach for local governments
and partners. The Equity and Social Justice work is
grounded in national and international research that
points to addressing inequities as the strongest path
for regions to flourish.




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