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Measuring Change in Rural Communities: A Workbook for Determining Demographic, Economic, and Fiscal Trends Report

Rasker, R., Johnson, J., and York, V.

Year: 1996

Keywords: economics, demographics, fiscal, rural

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This document provides the framework for analyzing economic, demographic and fiscal trends at the community level. The purpose of the workbook is to help rural residents gather and understand information about the make-up of their communities and how the communities may have changed over time. Exercises in the workbook are designed to assist users in working through social, demographic, and economic data. The document also suggests ways of interpreting and presenting the information so that it is useful in discussions of basic issues confronting many rural communities today, particularly the challenges of providing long-term economic stability and needed services.

Journal Citation

Rasker, R., Johnson, J., & York, V. (1996). Measuring change in rural communities: a workbook for determining demographic, economic, and fiscal trends. Washington, DC, USA: The Wilderness Society.




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