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Results that Matter: Improving Communities by Engaging Citizens, Measuring Performance, and Getting Things Done Book


Epstein, P., Coates, P.M, and Wray, L.D., with Swain, D.

Year: 2006

Keywords: performance measures, government

Access via http://books.google.com/books/about/Results_that_matter.html?id=5OrN70lx4psC (Purchase)

Associated Project(s): none


Today's communities—whether they are currently strong, or struggling to survive—face difficult challenges if they want to be tomorrow's healthy, vibrant communities. The challenge for leaders and citizens of modern communities is not just to solve specific problems today. Their real challenge is to keep learning from their experience so they can keep improving their communities tomorrow.
Results That Matter will provide a new governance framework for using valuable tools of community improvement—especially performance measurement and citizen engagement—to empower communities to achieve the outcomes their citizens most desire. Government and nonprofit managers will learn how to combine these tools in new ways, not only to achieve one-time improvement of their organizations and communities, but to foster continual community renewal and improvement. The benefits and practicality of the framework and related practices will be reinforced by case examples from 25 communities across the country. The book will offer "how to" guidance to public and nonprofit managers, including promising practices for effective communities, and new roles for citizens, community leaders, and managers.

Journal Citation

Epstein, P., Coates, P. M., & Wray, L. D., with Swain, D. (2006). Results that matter: improving communities by engaging citizens, measuring performance, and getting things done. San Francisco, Calif., USA: Jossey-Bass Publishers.




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