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Quality of Life in the Planning Literature Journal

Dissart, J-C. and Deller, S.C.

Year: 2000

Keywords: Planning, Quality of life

Access via http://jpl.sagepub.com/content/15/1/135.abstract (Purchase)

Associated Project(s): none


This bibliography reviews the literature on the notion of quality of life and how it affects several planning issues. The concept of quality of life is examined in general terms through definitions, concepts, models, and methods. Following this are discussions on quality of life as it relates to places or geographic areas, primarily urban ones, but also rural areas and neighborhoods; the role of quality of life in human migration; the impact of quality of life on firm location; and the relationship between quality of life and regional economic growth. The authors conclude that quality of life will increasingly play a significant role in various planning dimensions, but that role is likely to be a complex one.

Journal Citation

Dissart, J-C. & Deller, S. C. (2000). Quality of life in the planning literature. Journal of Planning Literature, 15(1).




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