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The Canadian Index of Wellbeing Report

Michalos, A., B. Smale, R. Labonte, N. Muhajarine, K. Scott, M. Guhn, A.M. Gadermann, B.D. Zumbo, A. Morgan, K. Moore, L. Swystun, B. Holden, H. Bernardin, B. Dunning, P. Graham, A.-S. Brooker, and I. Hyman

Year: 2011

Keywords: Canada, Wellbeing

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Associated Project(s): none


Journal Citation

Michalos, A.C., Smale, B., Labonté, R., Muharjarine, N., Scott, K., Moore, K., Swystun, L., Holden, B., Bernardin, H., Dunning, B., Graham, P., Guhn, M., Gadermann, A.M., Zumbo, B.D., Morgan, A., Brooker, A.-S., & Hyman, I. (2011). The Canadian Index of Wellbeing. Technical Report 1.0. Waterloo, ON: Canadian Index of Wellbeing and University of Waterloo.




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