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The Determinants of Equity Identifying Indicators to Establish a Baseline of Equity in King County Book


Abigail Beatty | MPA Dionne Foster | MSW Candidate, University of Washington 2015 King County Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget

Year: 2015

Keywords: Equity, determinants of equity, Indicators, King County

Access via /system/publication_pdfs/116/original/The_Determinants_of_Equity_Report.pdf?1430521062 (Size: 10.9 MB)

Associated Project(s): none


As an initial first step toward the creation of a community-scale equity baseline, the Determinants of Equity Baseline Project identified and analyzed existing data sources to measure the status of 13 of the 14 Determinants of Equity in the County. 67 community-level indicators were identified. Nearly all of the measures identified reinforce previous research findings that race, place, and income impact quality of life for residents of King County. This research highlights that work to reduce disparities in the county need to be strengthened by additional strategies and coordination across all parts of the community.




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