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Data Storytelling Using Infographics: Why, How, and Where to Create Them Data Tools

Taj Carson

Year: March 26, 2015

Keywords: infographics, visualization, storytelling

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Dr. Taj Carson explores the nuances of effective visualization in this event geared towards those who seek to engage in visual storytelling using fun and informative infographics. This 45 minute learning session will focus on both overall design principles and practical suggestions on how and where to build your infographics, tackling some of the broader decisions (i.e., why visualize at all? How can we leverage knowledge of human cognition and learning patterns to maximize our success in building visualizations? What type of graphs work best on infographics?), before delving into specific examples of data visualization software, data sources, and other tools for practical application of the principles. This event is a must for anyone who wants to take advantage of the growing popularity of infographics to effectively communicate their results so that their audience—whether that be funders, clients, or just the general public—can easily understand the message.




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