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Indicator Projects

Listed here is a selection of indicator projects. CIC does not endorse any projects and the information is generated by the projects.  We try our best to keep the list current by regularly asking projects to update their page.  Checking the 'last updated' date will let you kow how current the information is.

Use the 'submit projects' button above to include your project.  If you'd like to revise or edit a project, contact us at database@communityindicators.net so we can link you to the project. Once you are linked you can log in and click on My Projects on top of the page.  We regularly email lists of new or revised projects to our mailing list.

Search Projects by the Following Criteria:

Geographic Scope:
Issue Area:
Member: YesNoBoth
Active: YesNoBoth
Indicators: YesNoBoth
Performance Measures: YesNoBoth
CI-PM Integration: YesNoBoth
Number of projects found: 244



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