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Making Action Possible (MAP) Dashboard

Project ID: 600
CIC Member?:
Active Project?:
Year Project Began:
Year of Latest Report:
Last Update: 08/18/17
Project LocationTucson, Arizona
CountryUnited States
Lead OrganizationEconomic and Business Research Center, Eller College, University of Arizona
Type of OrganizationEducational Organization

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Geographic Scope (The level of geography at which the indicator data is collected):
Municipality, County, Metropolitan, State/Province, National

Issue Areas:
Arts and Culture, Children/Youth/Families, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Equity, Governance, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Land Use, Other, Population, Poverty, Public Safety, Recreation, Social, Transportation


Project Description

The MAP Dashboard project was created to measurably improve Southern Arizona through data driven collective civic action and education. This website provides users with indicators on our region’s progress, as well as access to the latest information and research. MAP fills a gap by providing a common collection of information upon which to evaluate our community and collaborate to address our shared issues. For most indicators, the site contains data for Southern Arizona, Arizona, the U.S., all Arizona counties, as well as data for comparable metropolitan areas and states in the West. Additionally, data for the 25 largest cities in Southern Arizona will be available for select indicators.

What framework does this project use if any?

Awards and Recognitions:


Community Indicators – Performance Measures Integration

Does this project have Community Indicators?: Yes
The MAP Dashboard examines 36 core indicators across 38 geographies. Additional in-depth reports are published monthly on other measures that are of interest to the local region.

Does this project have Performance Measures?: Yes
The MAP Dashboard uses a comparative analysis between metropolitan areas and the U.S.

Has this project integrated Community Indicators and Performance Measures?: No

Contact Information

Jennifer Pullen
MAP Dashboard
McClelland Hall 103J
1130 E. Helen P.O. 210108
Tucson, AZ 85721

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