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the Durham Neighborhood Compass

Project ID: 561
CIC Member?:
Active Project?:
Year Project Began:
Year of Latest Report:
Last Update: 11/23/15
Project LocationDurham, North Carolina
State/ProvinceNorth Carolina
CountryUnited States
Lead OrganizationCity of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services
Type of OrganizationGovernment - Local

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Geographic Scope (The level of geography at which the indicator data is collected):
Neighborhood, County, Other

Issue Areas:
Arts and Culture, Economy, Education, Environment, Governance, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Land Use, Population, Public Safety, Recreation, Social, Transportation


Project Description

The Durham Neighborhood Compass integrates City, County and other data to measure the outcomes of the City’s Strategic Plan goal of thriving, livable neighborhoods. The objective is to provide a data tool that allows local government and residents to track progress on neighborhood improvement efforts and shifts in our overall quality of life. The Neighborhood Compass will help City government allocate resources and establish partnerships to track neighborhood quality of life, increase accountability, and target services to improve community conditions. Neighborhood & homeowners associations, nonprofits, businesses, academic institutions, and others can align resources with Neighborhood Compass data to advocate for change, guide program development and the use of resources, and inform neighborhood projects.

What framework does this project use if any?

Awards and Recognitions:


Community Indicators – Performance Measures Integration

Does this project have Community Indicators?: Yes

Does this project have Performance Measures?: Yes
The Neighborhood Compass includes many variables that are drawn from City and County departmental operations data. These are measurements that reflect program performance at the neighborhood level and are most often linked to department or City/County strategic planning measurements.

Has this project integrated Community Indicators and Performance Measures?: Yes

Contact Information

John Killeen
City of Durham
807 E. Main Street
Building #2, Suite 300
Durham, NC 27701
United States

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