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Child Trends DataBank

Project ID: 540
CIC Member?:
Active Project?:
Year Project Began:
Year of Latest Report:
Last Update: 08/18/17
Project LocationWashington, DC
Lead OrganizationChild Trends
Type of OrganizationNonprofit - Research

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Geographic Scope (The level of geography at which the indicator data is collected):
State/Province, National, Global

Issue Areas:
Children/Youth/Families, Education, Employment, Health, Population, Poverty, Social, Volunteerism


Project Description

The Child Trends DataBank is a one-stop source for the latest national trends and research on over 100 key indicators of child and youth well-being. The DataBank Delivers • Continuously updated trend data with the latest national estimates for all indicators. • Plain-language reporting on trends and population subgroup differences informed by existing research. • Color graphics and tables that can be downloaded directly into reports and presentations. • PDF files for each indicator containing text, graphics, and tables in a concise and attractive format. • Links that provide organized access to additional information available for each indicator including: o State, local, and international estimates o Selected current research, including evidence-based “what works” o Original source documents o National goals (where applicable) DataBank Estimates Come from Reliable Sources • Federal reports and Web sites • Original analyses of national data sets by staff at Child Trends, a respected non-partisan, non-profit research firm The DataBank is Designed to Serve Everyone • Policymakers and service providers: Useful information for planning, reports, policy-making, and proposals. • Advocates: The latest data identifying emerging and continuing areas of need for children and youth. • Researchers and students: Detailed descriptive data and links to relevant research. • Journalists: National trend data from reliable sources, with access to state and local data to "localize" stories. • Parents, youth, and the public: Information that is useful and easy to read.

What framework does this project use if any?

Awards and Recognitions:


Community Indicators – Performance Measures Integration

Does this project have Community Indicators?: Yes
More than 100 indicators of child well-being and contextual variables at family and community levels.

Does this project have Performance Measures?: No

Has this project integrated Community Indicators and Performance Measures?: No

Contact Information

David Murphey
Child Trends
4301 Connecticut Ave., NW
Suite 350
Washington, DC, 20008
Facebook Twitter

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