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Social-hygenic indicator of the Quality of Life

Project ID: 420
CIC Member?:
Active Project?:
Year Project Began:
Year of Latest Report:
Last Update: 07/06/12
Project LocationSt-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Lead OrganizationThe Chair of Public Health, St-Petersburg state medical academy named after Ilia Mechnikov
Type of Organization

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Geographic Scope (The level of geography at which the indicator data is collected):

Issue Areas:
Employment, Governance, Health, Population, Recreation, Social


Project Description

The interactive medical-social Program on QoL research is creating with the characteristics of parameters of complex QoL criteria. Additionally to the classic parameters (for ex. physical, psychological functioning, pain, emotional well-being etc.) such parameters as social-economical well-being; social-housing adaptation and self-dependence; public-social activity, the life satisfaction, vital capacity; recreational activity, prophylaxis activity, pre-nosological and pathological conditions; the general health parameters; the general QoL parameters. Separate modules of the Program devote to the QoL in various medical situations, it is already developed the modules for gynecological problems with special task on extracorporeal fertilization; the module on cardiological problems; the module on muscular-skeletal problems. Currently, it is under the development the module on pulmonological problems, endocrinological problems, module on children from socially unfavorable life condition

What framework does this project use if any?

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Community Indicators – Performance Measures Integration

Does this project have Community Indicators?: Yes
In case of success results of the pilot experiments with this Program, it could be validated and used in any geographic boundaries. The pilot experiments on the Program using passed on various target groups of the population. It already exist the data bases on gynecological groups (the patients of the gynecological department of the medical academy clinic), extracorporeal fertilization (the patients of the State Center of extracorporeal fertilization), children from socially unfavorable life conditions (the children, cared at the St-Petersburg State clinical center of medical-social rehabilitation).

Does this project have Performance Measures?: No

Has this project integrated Community Indicators and Performance Measures?: No

Contact Information

Alina Vitrischak
The Chair of Public Health, St-Petersburg state medical academy named after Ilia Mechnikov
47, Piskarevsky prospect, build. 2-4
Saint Petersburg, Russia 195067

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