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Project ID: 330
CIC Member?:
Active Project?:
Year Project Began:
Year of Latest Report:
Last Update: 07/26/17
Project LocationCommunity of Whistler, BC
Lead OrganizationWhistler 2020
Type of Organization

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Geographic Scope (The level of geography at which the indicator data is collected):
County, Metropolitan

Issue Areas:
Arts and Culture, Children/Youth/Families, Climate Change, Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Equity, Governance, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Land Use, Other, Population, Poverty, Public Safety, Recreation, Social, Transportation, Volunteerism

survey, municipal

Project Description

This project focuses on moving the resort town of Whistler, BC, towards a future of deeply integrated sustainability practices. Future strategies are laid out based on the methodical analysis of preexisting indicator data, focusing on the trends of several key priority areas. Whistler’s progress towards the 2020 goals is constantly measured, and there are frequent updates on the specific actions that still need to be taken to get closer to those goals. The website presents its extensive data through a very innovative and easy to understand interactive explorer, mapping out the interrelations between data, priorities, and strategies (the organic design and layout cleverly parallels the integrated circular structures used to represent the broader framework of sustainability).

What framework does this project use if any?

Awards and Recognitions:


Community Indicators – Performance Measures Integration

Does this project have Community Indicators?: No
The current report is a survey by the municipality on resident conditions and satisfaction.

Does this project have Performance Measures?: Yes
A community survey monitors Whistler’s success at meeting goals that relate to community life, economic success and partnerships, the corporate plan and annual municipal budgets.

Has this project integrated Community Indicators and Performance Measures?: No

Contact Information

Resort Municipality of Whistler


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