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Hennepin County Community Indicators

Project ID: 241
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Year Project Began:
Year of Latest Report:
Last Update: 08/18/17
Project LocationHennepin County, MN
Lead OrganizationHennepin County
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Project Description

Hennepin County government aligned the 2002 Community Indicators Report to its mission, vision and overarching goals as part of an ongoing effort to increase performance accountability and tie day-to-day activities to the achievement of its desired results for residents.1 The 2002 report provides administrators, elected officials and residents with information for measuring progress and identifying areas for improvement. It is designed to foster a dialogue among businesses, non-profit organizations, faith-based communities and other metropolitan units of government to address shared issues influencing the quality of life in the region. By associating community indicators to overarching goals, the county is better able to track significant quality-of-life changes. The 2002 report presents a snapshot of community well being and establishes baseline data for tracking performance. Future community indicators reports will set targets to improve well-being over time and link county performance to achieving these targets.

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