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Indicator Projects

Listed here is a selection of indicator projects. CIC does not claim involvement or endorse any projects, but we find these interesting and informative. Use the submit projects button above to tell us about additional projects to include and notify us of broken links at database@communityindicators.net. Be sure to see the winners of the annual Community Indicators Awards program by looking at our Awards page.

In addition to these indicator projects, CIC also hosts a Working Group on Integrating Community Indicators and Performance Measures. See the CI-PM section of our website for more information about the project and examples of places where Community Indicator Projects are being integrated with Performance Measures to improve the use of information in collaborative community decision-making.

Search Projects by the Following Criteria:

Geographic Scope:
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Member: YesNoBoth
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Indicators: YesNoBoth
Performance Measures: YesNoBoth
CI-PM Integration: YesNoBoth
Number of projects found: 297



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