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2017 Pre-conference Workshops

Workshop 1A: Indicator 101 

Ready to start on an indicator project or interested to take a fledgling project to the next stage? Based on recent research on best practices and innovation from the field and academia, this workshop will give you the tools and resources to move quickly and efficiently from the wishing stage to the implementation of a sustainable community indicators project, without missing crucial steps of community engagement and participation and collaboration, and with access to effective technology that will support the link to the community and their efforts to go from data to action.  Take it in concert with Workshop 2A to cover the full breadth of knowledge related to community indicators

Presenter: Chantal Stevens, CIC Executive Director
Wednesday November 15, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Fee: $75 (member) / $100 (non-member

Workshop 2A: Data Methods

If you are new to community indicators or need a refresher on data and measurement, this workshop is for you. It is designed to be a fast-paced introductory overview of the data, measurement systems, techniques and tools commonly used in the indicator field. The session will position attendees to fully benefit from the conference and increase effectiveness in their respective community indicator projects.  The workshop will move from an introduction to basic statistics to data visualization techniques, with an emphasis on sharing tools and resources. Sources of data and how to assess their quality, the relationship between program performance measures and community indicators are just some of the topics to be discussed. The session will be agnostic with respect to frameworks and/or community change philosophies; it will be a practical nuts and bolts introduction on how to democratize data.  

PresenterJoe Baldwin, Principal Consultant, Actionable Analytics LLC
Wednesday November 15, 12:30 pm - 2:45 pm
Fee: $50 (member) / $75 (non-member)

Workshop 2B: Data Tools for Equity Action

As America grows more diverse yet racial inequities in health, wealth, and opportunity remain wide and persistent, community action to advance equity – just and fair inclusion – is more critical than ever. Robust data that is disaggregated by race/ethnicity, income, neighborhood, and more plays a key role in supporting community groups, advocates, planners, policymakers, and others understand the state of equity in communities and inform policy solutions. This workshop, designed for anyone interested in producing and using local data tools to advance equity, will introduce equity as a concept, share examples of local and national data tools designed to advance equity, and present a set of principles for designing data tools for health equity action developed by PolicyLink and EcoTrust.

PresenterSarah Treuhaft, PolicyLink | Tim Dutton | Merlande Petit-Bois
Wednesday November 15, 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Fee: $40 (member) / $65 (non-member)

Workshop 3A: Demystifying GIS and Getting Started with Spatial Analysis

Take your interest in data visualization to the next level and join us at our workshop to learn more about the latest techniques and tools in spatial analysis that you can leverage to gain insights for your organization and aid in your advocacy efforts. We'll use free and open desktop and web mapping tools, along with open data resources, to get you started with mapping. You'll learn how to import and display data on a map, query data, geocode and merge databases.

PresenterDan Ford, AZAVEA
Wednesday November 15, 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Fee: $50 (member) / $75 (non-member)


Workshop 3B: An Introduction to Place-Based Initiatives through Lake Maggiore Shores Initiative  





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