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New board members join the CIC Board

Published: 12/29/2014

We bid farewell and offer thanks for their services to the following departing board members: Jose de Jesus Garcia Vega (2011-2014), Adam Luecking (2008-2014), Sara Lyons (2012-2014), and Ben Warner (2004-2007, 2011-2014).  Ben Warner, an inaugural board member of CIC, and Adam Luecking also generously invested their time and talent to serve as officers of the organization, including both as presidents. The fifth seat was vacated by Chantal Stevens in 2013.

We are proud to introduce the five new Board Members who were were unanimously confirmed by the CIC members to replace them on the board.  They bring a wealth of experience and skills to the CIC Board of Directors.  They, and incumbent Lyle Wray, are joining the board for a three year term starting January 1st, 2015.  



Susan Cohn, MCRP, AICP, LEED AP is the Director of Policy and Planning at JCCI (Jacksonville Community Council - one of the founding member organizations of the CIC), where she focuses on providing research and data to the community to inspire action. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech. In her previous roles with the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida and the City of Jacksonville Planning and Development Department, Susan worked closely with a network of local and community policy researchers and organizations to promote livable places. Susan has a passion for citizen empowerment and civic engagement as a means to creating lasting and positive community change, particularly around issues of food policy and environmental stewardship.

Jon Hall works at the Human Development Report Office at the United Nations Development Program in New York. Before joining the UN he spent 7 years working for the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) in Paris, where he led the Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies, a project that was instrumental in paving the way to the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi commission on Measuring Economic Performance and Social Progress. Before joining the OECD Mr. Hall worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics and was the chief architect and author of the first two issues of "Measures of Australia's Progress", which won a national award in 2003. An Australian and British citizen, he have also worked for the British government in London, and for Medecins Sans Frontieres in Lusaka, Zambia. He has spoken in over 40 countries about indicators and measuring development, progress and happiness. He has a Maths degree and Master's degrees in Statistics Public Service Administration.  Mr. Hall was awarded a CIC Hall of Heroes award in 2014 

Dr. Lester King specializes in sustainable development planning and the development of context sensitive solutions for urban development. He is a certified and skilled planner with experience in community development; master planning, transportation planning, and sustainability planning. He has had experience with developing consensus building techniques for public participation/ community involvement support for the identification and delineation of planning objectives; and facilitation of stakeholder meetings for federal, state, and municipal projects. He has conducted extensive research on developing sustainability indicators and contributed to several local, national and international efforts to develop sustainability planning systems.   Dr. King has been an Impact Summit attendee and presenter for the past 2 years. 

Janice Hamilton Outtz has been employed with the Annie E. Casey Foundation since 2000, first as a full-time consultant and since 2006 as a Senior Associate. Janice was an independent policy research consultant and president of Hamilton Outtz Consultants, a demographic and survey research firm from 1986 to 2005.Areas of expertise are in data collection, particularly using federal and state data sources, designing and administering questionnaires for surveys, demographic analyzes, and evaluation. She has considerable experience helping non-profit organizations with strategic planning; establishing partnerships; and collecting and using data for decision making and community capacity building.Prior to 1986,she was employed with the Brookings Greater Washington (DC) Research Center for twelve years and Howard U. College of Nursing. She has written numerous research and demographic reports and was often asked to make presentations on changing demographics to a variety of groups.  Ms.Hamilton Outtz has been a member of CIC for a number of years and just recently served on the annual conference planning committee and the awards committee. 

Charles Thrift is a project manager for the International Institute for Sustainable Development's Knowledge for Integrated Decisions program. Charles is the lead on many of IISD’s projects relating to community and sustainability indicator systems, including Peg, a community indicator system that tracks indicators that reflect and measure the community well-being in Winnipeg.  In addition, Charles has contributed to a diverse range of projects, including research related to national and international indicator systems, ecological evaluations of agricultural sectors and commodity chains, and research related to life-cycle analysis. His interests include open data and data visualization, indicators for community sustainability and well-being, and the role of knowledge in governance and decision making.  Mr. Thrift has been a member (on and off) over the past 6 years, and was both a presenter, and an award winner at the recent CIC conference in Washington. Charles also presented in a past CIC webinar.  



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