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CIC 2012 International Conference



Conference Materials:

Conference materials can be found here - You must be logged in and be a current CIC Member or 2012 Conference attendee

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Items from the conference including presentations and powerpoints, attendee list and vidoes of session will only be made available to CIC Members and Conference attendees.

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Conference Press:

Health Data Consortium - CIC Impact Summit aims for a big splash in November

Data Community DC - Blog Post

Conference Overview

Do you want to connect up the trends moving our communities? Do you want to know where to apply pressure to bring about the change you can envision? Does the distance between facts, perceptions, and tools for change seem too wide to bridge? The CIC IMPACT SUMMIT will be a forum for all of us engaging these questions and sharing lessons of the impact we have achieved for our communities, our networks, our businesses, our clients. Join our network of practice and research as we showcase leading measuring and monitoring initiatives, impact and communications strategies, and innovations in community health, sustainability, education, economic development and more. This highly interactive conference will present a variety of formats for sharing lessons, asking difficult questions, getting answers, and connecting with colleagues and collaborators new and old.

Conference Goals

  • To provide a lively, engaging peer learning and sharing experience
  • To explore how our emerging field can contribute to solutions in a highly challenging fiscal/political environment
  • To continue the development of communities of practice around each conference track
  • To connect these communities of practice to the global and national network of indicators action and research

Contact Us

Please contact us at conference@communityindicators.net with any questions or comments regarding the conference.

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