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CI-PM Briefing Notes

CI-PM Integration Briefing Notes

The following Briefing notes are short reports developed out of CIC's CI-PM Working Group discussions. By addressing crucial aspects of CI-PM integration, these notes are meant to be used as tools that practitioners can use to enhance their CI-PM projects.

During CIC's development of a CI-PM community of practice, key issues or challenges arose concerning the development, use and continuance of community indicators and performance measures efforts that needed to be addressed. Such issues/challenges included how to address data quality issues; how to address the governance questions, i.e., interface between government elected policy makers and entities involved in developing and reporting indicators; how to appropriately relate performance measures and targets to community indicators; and how to better engage citizens and other community stakeholders to use community indicators and performance measurements to improve community conditions. These briefing notes engage with these broad questions.

More to come.



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