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CI-PM Integration

Integrating Community Indicators and Performance Measures

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Quora: our CI-PM Learning Community

We are piloting the use of Quora, a collaborative question-and-answer website, to build a body of questions, answers, and knowledge surrounding the topic of CI-PM integration. This interactive resource will build momentum as more people join and share their experience and questions, so we encourage you to sign up for Quora and participate in the:

Community Indicators Consortium Quora board

Community Indicators - Performance Measures Integration Quora topic


CI-PM Resources

Quick links to CI-PM resources on our website:


Background on CIC's CI-PM Work

Over the last seven years there has been a growing awareness of the need to integrate community indicators and performance measurement (CI-PM) efforts at the community level to better assess the position and progress of communities quality of life and to better engage community citizens and other key stakeholders in the development and use of community indicators and performance measures by governmental and non-profit organizations. Conversations centered on CI-PM integration began in earnest in 2005. It was evident that despite similar issues being encountered by the community indicator and government performance measurement sectors, they rarely worked together. 

As a result of the CI-PM conversations, a movement started among CIC members to bring these two sectors closer together. At the 2005 CIC Annual Conference, sponsored in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, over 14 different presentations, workshops, and forums addressed the topic. The CIC subsequently convened a panel of experts on community indicators and government performance measurement in Arlington, Virginia, in December 2006. The information gathered from the conference and insights from the panel of experts resulted in the report Creating Stronger Linkages between Community Indicator Projects and Government Performance Measurement Efforts,  published in 2007. The report identified the benefits to be gained from such CI-PM linkages as well as four barriers to more effective integration and strategies for overcoming those barriers. A common theme of the benefits, barriers and strategies for better integration is the importance of collaboration among community indicator and performance measurement projects as it leads to improving citizen engagement in using information for better community decision-making.

In the fall of 2008, CIC received a two-year grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to continue CIC’s work to integrate community indicators and performance measures. The purpose of the grant is to promote, advocate for, and develop a community of practice around CI-PM integration, and for engaging citizens and other key community stakeholders in the process.

 Key elements of the CI-PM integration work under this grant included:

  • Establishing a national Working Group of community indicators, performance measurement, citizen engagement, and governance experts, which has helped to help guide this work and will continue as a resource to the Learning Community.
  • Having the Working Group discuss key issues and questions involved with CI-PM integration, and addressing them in a series of Briefing Notes.
  • Developing and promoting the use of a descriptive model of CI-PM integration that identifies the key characteristics and evolution of CI-PM integration
  • Seeking out and publishing Real Stories of CI-PM integration efforts that were successful and not-so-successful. Six stories are available on this website.
  • Creating an interactive, searchable database of indicators projects to provide models and promote exchange of ideas.
  • Establishing an awards program to recognize exemplars in CI-PM integration
  • Educating government officials and citizen groups about the value of community indicators, performance measurement, and their integration through a CI-PM webinar series and related activities. See our Education Brochure for more information.
  • Promoting and advocating for greater CI-PM integration.
CIC will continue to sustain the CI-PM Learning Community and maintain and expand the information resources available on our website now that the original grant is ending. We invite all those interested in the integration of community indicators and performance measures to join CIC as a member today and participate in our learning community.



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