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CIC Support for Community Health Assessment and Health Improvement Planning

Integration of Community Indicators and Performance Measures into Community Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans

A Collaboration between the Community Indicators Consortium and the National Association of City and County Health Officers (NACCHO).

Funded by grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

CIC and NACCHO have provided technical support to 12 health districts in completing their Community Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans that are required for accreditation by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).

NACCHO has created a Resource Center for Community Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement plans: http://www.naccho.org/topics/infrastructure/CHAIP/chachip-online-resource-center.cfm

The RWJF sponsorship enabled CIC to provide assistance and resources to local health departments preparing for accreditation, including some of the following: 

  • Technical Assistance to NACCHO demonstration project sites delivered at two NACCHO national conferences ( Hartford, 2011 and Dallas, 2012) and regular conference calls
  • Promising practices featured in presentations at two NACCHO annual meetings (2011 and 2012) via webinars highlighting effective practices, and at two CIC Conferences (virtual conference in 2011 and College Park, MD in 2012)
  • Support for curriculum development to increase the knowledge, skills and capacity of the NACCH demonstration sites. CIC also made presentations on such topics as identifying and selecting indicators, goals, objectives and performance measures, collecting data and engaging community members to support the curriculum
  • Examples of effective practices from CICs data base – “case studies” 

In compiling case studies, CIC has identified promising practices across a number of initiatives and projects that can inform local health departmetns and others involved in community health assessment and community health improvement planning.  These can inform departments in the effective use of community indicators and performance measures for planning and to engage the broader community in the process. 

Access the case studies of practices here.









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