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About the Community Indicators Consortium

CIC was organized in the belief that information sharing, collaboration and open dialogue -- across geography and disciplines -- are key to the advancement of people, the quality of community life and the sustainability of our shared environment. To that end, CIC seeks bridges that span the gap between community indicators use and performance measurement, providing ways for community groups and governments to coordinate efforts and jointly enhance knowledge about the use of indicators to leverage positive change.

Through these activities and as an active, open learning network and global community of practice among persons interested or engaged in the field of indicators development and application, CIC has become a major node in the expanding field of community measurement. The CIC website offers a place where community-based practitioners, academic experts, engaged community residents, public officials, students, civic leaders, planners, media professionals and other stakeholders can learn from one another and participate in an active global learning community.


Community indicators will be used by all communities to facilitate sustainable  improvements in quality of life  


The Community Indicators Consortium advances and supports the development, availability and effective use of community indicators for making measurable and sustainable improvements in quality of community life. 


1. Advance the use of community indicators for serving as a catalyst for change and monitoring community conditions 

2. Expand linkages and mechanisms, across disciplines, to share knowledge between organizations using or promoting the use of indicators  

3. Grow internal and external organizational capacity to effectively use and support community indicator projects 

4. Strengthen CIC’s domestic and international perspective and relevance


CIC is structured around carefully designed and vetted Bylaws adopted by the Board of Directors.

CIC Leadership

CIC is lead by a Board of Directors elected each year by the membership.   CIC's members include individuals and organizations representing public, private, and nonprofit organizations working at all scales, from local and regional to state, national and international-- to promote informed decision-making about community priorities.  Click here for a list of our Members.    Chantal Stevens is the Consortium's Executive Director. 


The Community Indicators Consortium is proud to list the following as active partners in our work to improve the use of indicators and information in making better decisions and better communities:


CIC is supported by its members and through grants from our supporters.



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