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2016 Conference Presentations


9:15am –  10:00am P Opening Session: DJ Patil,  U.S. Chief Data Scientist at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Speakers: DJ Patil  

10:00am –  10:50am A Indicators of Neighborhood Change: Measuring and Predicting Gentrification

Stephanie Rosoff: Indicators of Neighborhood Change
Tony Damiano: Gentrification in Minneapolis-St. Paul
Jeff Matson
Maia Woluchem 2016_Woluchem_Turning_the_Corner.pdf 

10:00am –  10:50am B Building Partnerships for Community Wellbeing:

Chantal Roberts:  Community Mapping : Mapping Multi-Level Interventions 
Katsuji Imata, Kaori Kuroda  Community Power Assessment Tool and the Examination of its CrossCultural Relevance  

10:00am –  10:50am C Boosting Social Prosperity in Washington DC (and beyond)­ How improving Measurement of Community Well­being supports economic development   

Michael Lennon:  The Pursuit of Happiness: Is Well-being an Economic or Social measurement challenge?   

10:00am –  10:50am E Using participatory methods to develop measures of well­being 

Vedette Gavin:  Healthy Neighborhoods Fund and Study
Julianna Stuart:  Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF)
aggie Grieve:   Participatory Development of the Success Measures Health Outcome Tools

11:00am –  11:50am 

Jana Lynott:  Measuring Community Livability for All Ages
Joseph Ahern and Kate Warren:   Multi-Modal Survey Strategies Engaging Older Adults in Community Assessment 

11:00am –  11:50am Connecting Our Community by Focusing the Effort
Brittany Fitz:   
Megan Wall Shui: Moving from Health Impact Assessment to Community Indicators: Lessons Learned from San Francisco  

11:00am –  11:50am C Impacting Family Wellbeing: 1) Co­Designing with Families to Improve their Well­Being 2) Making Well­Being the Foundation of our Work in Population Health                                                                                                                                  
Peter Roberts:
Eli Stefanski:  Family Well-being Initiative Business Innovation Factory & Children’s Health

11:00am –  11:50am E 1) Understanding Shelter Affordability Issues: Towards a Better Policy Framework 2) Social Equity Impact Assessment                                                                                                                                                                                    
Marc Brenman:   Presentation on Social Equity Impact Analysis
Paul Smetanin:  

12:30pm –  1:30pm P Keynote Presentation: Towards a Radical Statistical Constitution                                                                
Saamah Abdallah:  Towards a radical statistical constitution

1:30pm –  2:45pm A Metrics to Improve Equity: 1) How One Community is Using Indicator Data to Fight Poverty 2) The Demography of Inequality 3) The Innovative Development of GRAAHI's Health Equity Index to Improve and Sustain Health Conditions in West Michigan Andrae Ivy:  Innovative Development of GRAAHI’s Health Equity Index to Improve and Sustain Health Conditions in West Michigan 
Beth Jarosz:  The Demography of INEQUALITY
Erika Rosenberg:  Fighting Poverty in Rochester, NY: How the Community is Using Data  

1:30pm –  2:50pm C Education & Community Resilience: 1) Exploring the Community Impact of Long­term Investment in Children and Families 2) Indicators For Success: Dropout Prevention and Positive Youth Development 3) Chickens & Eggs: Relationship of Schools & Communities                                                                                                                                                                                
K. Lori Hanson:  Exploring the Community Impact of Long-term Investment in Children & Families
Lester King:  Sustainable Communities: Public Intervention Strategies for Distressed Communities
Risa Sackman:  Indicators for Success: Dropout prevention and positive youth development in middle schools

1:30pm –  2:50pm E All about data applications: 1) Measuring What Matters: Tracking Progress Towards Outcomes? 2) Moving from Community Indicators to Data Consumers: Exploring potential of R Platform? 3) Section 508 compliance's impact on software, web­based apps                                                                                                                                                                                      
Frank Ridzi:
Kara Riggs:  

1:30pm –  3:20pm B Large­scale Partnerships: 1) Gulf Coast Workforce Report Card? 2) Sustainable Jersey: Connecting Local Implementation to Statewide Indicators? 3) MAP Dashboard: How a Partnership is Transforming Southern Arizona                
Parker Harvey and Michelle Ramirez:  Workforce Report Card 2015
Melanie McDermott and Randall Solomon:  Sustainable Jersey® Actions to Indicators
Jennifer Pullen:  MAP Dashboard: How a Partnership is Transforming Southern Arizona

3:00pm –  4:30pm A Visualizing Data to Strengthen the Community: 1) Visual Analytics to ID Food Insecure Areas 2) ZipRisk Project: Interactive Mapping Tool to ID High Risk Children? 3) Spatial Context of Community Welllbeing: Mapping CIW Indicators              
Dana Booker, Ph.D.:  ZIPRISK PROJECT: Interactive Mapping Tool
Stephen Borders and Blake Ferris:  Visual Analytics to Identify Food Insecure Areas in West Michigan
Brian Smale:   

3:00pm –  4:30pm B Measuring the Value of Wellbeing ­­ the Whats and Ways  of Community Connectedness ­ Sharing  Local,  Regional,  (Inter)national Data                                                                                                                                                                        
Glenn Brown:
Susan Brutschy:  Community Transformation
Samantha Green:
Brian Sala:
Katherine Scrivens:  Leveraging Data to Improve Community Health and Well-being   

Speakers: Susan Brutschy, Glenn Brown, Samantha Green, Katherine Scrivens  2016_Brutschy_Brown_Green_Scrivens_Community_Connectedness.pdf

3:00pm –  4:30pm C Making Data Count: 1) Taking Performance Monitoring to the Next Level: Reporting on Community Indicators? 2) How Aunt Bertha innovates to meet real­time community needs? 3) Establishing Indicator Systems as a Piece of Social Infrastructure in the Community                                                                                                                                                               Jason Granger:  PEG Tracking Progress. Inspiring Action
Margo Johnson, LMSW:   Aunt Bertha
Andrea Larson and Laurelyn Sandkamp:  City Goal Results Minneapolis

3:00pm –  4:30pm E Indicator Databases: 1) Measuring progress and well­being: A comparative review of indicators? 2) The State of Community Indicators: What are we measuring and what should we be measuring?? 3) Measuring Community Indicators                                                   Chris Barrington­Leigh:
Megan Juelfs­Swanson:
Atif Kubursi:  
Community Development Indicators and Tools: The Special Case of Elliot Lake

4:30pm –  5:00pm P Pecha Kucha or How to Present your Organization to the World in 6 minutes and 40 seconds                    
Elisa Cafferata:  What Quarter-Life Crisis? Truckee Meadows Tomorrow Retrospective
Ann M. Johnson:  faCTs to ACT and measure impACT
Emily Garr Pacetti:    Promote the Well-Being of Humanity Throughout the World

6:00pm –  8:00pm R Reception at Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health


8:45am –  10:00am P Plenary Panel: : Leveraging Data to Improve Community Health and Well­being                                        
Carolyn E. Miller:  
Framework and Measures to Build a Culture of Health
Tyler Norris:
Soma Stout, MD:  Measuring 100 Million Healthier Lives 

10:00am –  10:50am A Regional Initiatives: 1) 2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey: Results from America's largest neighborhood­level wellbeing survey? 2) FutureMakers Coalition: Centralizing Data towards a Regional Education Initiative in Southwest Florida                                                                                                                                                                                              
Mark Abraham:  2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey “Measurement as a Unifier”
Tessa LeSage and Ashley Skalecki:  FutureMakers Coalition: Centralizing Data Towards Sustainability in a Regional Education Initiative
Peter Ocsody:

10:00am –  10:50am C Meaningful Impact ­ Collectively Measured                                                    Stacey Gillette and Dawn Helmrich:   Meaningful Impact. Measured.

10:00am –  10:50am D Getting Started with Performance Management                                                                                            
Jake Cowan and Seema Iyer:   Getting Started with Performance Management

10:00am –  10:50am E Mapping Insights You Didn't Even Know You Had                                                                                      
Tyler Dahlberg:   Mapping Insights You Never Even Knew You Had 

11:00am –  11:50am A Making Measures Matter: The North Simcoe Health Link Experience                                                        
Tracy Koval: 
Gary Machan:    Deepening Our Understanding of the People We Serve: Through the Lens of the CIW

11:00am –  11:50am B Civic Life: Using Civic Health Research as a Foundation for Connecting People and Strengthening America  
Jeff Coates:  

11:00am –  11:50am D Cultivating Healthier Communities Through Online Communication and Network Building                                                                                                                             Rosalie Aguilar, Erin Barbaro and Naomi Englar:   Cultivating Healthier Communities Through Online Communication and Network Building

11:00am –  11:50am E EJSCREEN: EPA’s New Tool for Environmental Justice and Equitable Development                               
Kevin Olp:  EJSCREEN Fact Sheet

12:40pm –  1:30pm P Award Panel: Defining Excellence  

2:00pm –  2:50pm A Bringing it down to scale: 1) Efforts to Develop Sub­County Measures of Health for the Nation? 2) Indicators Work for Small Areas: Measuring Well­being at the Neighborhood Level in Minnesota                                                                          
Marjory Givens and Amanda Jovaag:  Efforts to Develop Sub-County Measures of Health for the Nation
Craig Helmstetter:  Indicators Work for Small Areas:Measuring Well-being at the Neighborhood Level
Peter Mathison:  

2:00pm –  2:50pm D Sustaining our work: Keeping Indicator Project Fresh                                                                                      
Karen Hruby:
Paul Mattessich: 
Charles Thrift:  PEG Tracking Progress. Inspiring Action   

2:00pm –  2:50pm E How Green is My Neighborhood ­ Let me Count the Ways: Sustainability Measurement Tools                    
Eliot Allen:  How Green Is My Neighborhood? Let Me Count the Ways

3:00pm –  3:50pm A Experience of testing out IOM Core Metrics in two CA communities                                                            
Krista Hanni, Genoveva Islas, Suzanne Ryan-­Ibarra:   Experience of Testing Out IOM Core Metrics in Two California Communities  

3:00pm –  3:50pm D 1) Bogota Como Vamos: Measuring well­being in urban contexts ­ Drawbacks and advantages? 2) Tasajera Tides: Small­scale indicator systems in vulnerable communities                                                                                                                  
Omar Orostegui Restrepo:  BOGOTA COMOVAMOS  Since 1997 measuring quality of life in Bogotá
Daniel Teodoro and Franklin Kirk Wright:   Tasajera Tides - 2016 CIC Presentation Proposal 

3:00pm –  3:50pm E Data­Driven Decision­Making Tools                                                                                                                  
Michael Adrian:  Data-Driven Decision-Making Tools Results-Based Accountability™ and Clear Impact Scorecard




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