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Tom Kingsley

/system/medias/317/post/kingsley10.jpg?1340999327Tom Kingsley is a senior researcher in housing, urban policy, and governance issues at the Urban Institute, and is the author of numerous publications in those fields. He served for more than a decade as the Director of the Institute’s Center for Public Finance and Housing and is currently co-director of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership--an initiative to further the development of advanced data systems for policy analysis and community building in U.S. cities. His personal research is now focused on neighborhood impacts of the foreclosure crisis and trends in concentrated poverty. He has directed a number of other major policy research programs, both domestically and in international development. He previously served as Director of the Rand Corporation's Housing and Urban Policy Program, and as Assistant Administrator of the New York City Housing and Development Administration. He has also taught on the faculties of the graduate urban planning programs at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Southern California.

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