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Conference Presenters


Click on a presenter's picture for bios and link their CIC session:

Mark Abraham


Evie Barry

Association of Government Accountants

Eugenie Birch
University of Pennsylvania

Heather Block
United Way of Winnipeg

Adrian Bordone
Social Solutions

Genevieve Borich
GenX & Associates

Chantel Bottoms
Community Action Network

Christopher Brechlin
Blueprint for a Dream

Kate Brett

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics

Erica Bromley

Youth Services 
Manchester, CT

Mark Carrozza

HealthLandscape, LLC

Arnaub Chatterjee
U.S Department of Health and Human Services

Reena Chudgar
National Assoc. of County
and City Health Officials

Allison Churilla
Wilder Research

Jennifer Comey
The Urban Institute

Melanie Davern
Community Indicators Victoria

Barbara Downs
U.S. Census Bureau

Dietre Epps
Results Leadership Group

David Epstein
University of Michigan

Paul Epstein
Results That Matter Team

Karen Finn
Results Leadership Group

Lisbeth Fried
Sustainable Maryland

Mark Funkhouser
Governing Institute

Salin Geevarghese

Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities

Gretchen Gooding
U.S. Census Bureau


Georges Grinstein
University of Massachusetts Lowel

Robert Groves
Georgetown University

Joel Gurin
OrgPedia Project

Lori Hanson
The Children's Trust

Craig Helmstetter
Wilder Research/Minnesota Compass

Leah Hendey

The Urban Institute

Douglas Heuck
Pittsburgh Today

Seema Iyer
University of Baltimore

Jill Jenson
Connecticut General Assembly

Matthew Kachura
Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance

Charlotte Kahn
Boston Indicators Project

Sharlene Karbowski
Avenue Scholars

Tom Kingsley
The Urban Institute

Gerrit-Jan Knaap
University of Maryland

Anne McIntyre-Lahner
CT Department of Children and Families

Allen Lomax

Lawrence Lyman
Travis County Health and Human Services & Veterans Service Department

Christopher Mackie
Committee on National Statistics

Jessica Martin
Boston Indicators Project

Jeff Matson
Center for Urban
and Regional Affairs,
University of Minnesota

Paul Mattessich
Wilder Research

Michael McAfee
Promise Neighborhoods

Sean McGuire
University of Maryland

Sharon Mierzwa
Connecticut Association
of Directors of Health


David Murphey
Child Trends

Alfredo Navarro
U.S. Census Bureau

Kathy Pettit
Neighborhood Indicators Project

Allison Pinto
Sarasota Community Studio

K. Maeve Powlick
Organizational Capacity Building - Candace LaRue
and Associates

Kevin Ramsey


Cynthia Richmond
Arlington (VA) Economic Development

Christa Rust

Lisbeth Schorr
Center for the Study of Social Policy

Bryan Sivak
US Department of Health
& Human Services

Christopher Spera
Corporation for National and Community Service

Chantal Stevens
King County Auditor's Office

Devon Payne-Sturges

Kristi Tate
National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC)

Stephen Thomas
University of Maryland

Diana Urban
Connecticut General Assembly

Ken Wall
Geodata Services, Inc.

Gerard Ward
Council on Virginia’s Future

Ben Warner
Jacksonville Community Council

Cheryl Wold
Cheryl Wold Associates

Terie Taylor-Wolf
United Way of Central Iowa

Lyle Wray
Capitol Region Coiuncil Of Governments, CT

Abbie Yant
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

Geoff Zimmerman

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